Brand message

"I want to be cute. But not like a cutesy kind."
"I want to expand myself, but not too far."
BABYMEE started as a brand for anyone who is trying to solve these puzzles.
It's not about getting someone else's approval,
 and it's not about decorating someone else's life.
It's all about fulfilling yourself. To create your own unique world.
The challenge can be as small as layering another color onto the ordinary brown shade
 or switching the black mascara to a reddish-brown,
 or adding pink eyeliner to the corners of your eyes.
You don't have to try too hard. A little challenge can be the seed of beauty.
When you look in the mirror and find yourself smiling and feeling better,
 that is the correct answer.
In other words, that one action is a chance for something new to be born = BABY;
BABYMEE is a makeup brand to support you to take that action.
If you are going to wear makeup every day,
 you just need to do one thing,
 only for yourself.



2021AW Concept


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